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Leaving Armagh

To help with your departure from Armagh, a Google spreadsheet is now available for you to co-ordinate your travel plans with other participants.

Getting to Armagh

Please use the form below to let us know if you intend to attend the optional excursion and what your flight details are so we can assist with your travel to Armagh.

Northern Ireland can be reached by air from many cities in Britain, mainland Europe and beyond. The nearest major airports to Armagh are in Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and Belfast (two airports). Travelling to Armagh via Dublin Airport in the Republic of Ireland is likely the most convenient route, as a direct bus service exists between Dublin Airport and Armagh, unlike either of the Belfast airports. Dublin Airport is well connected with many major European airports and is ~80 miles from Armagh. Note, however, that a separate visa may be required for certain nationals. Belfast has two airports, Belfast International Airport and Belfast City Airport, both are ~40 miles from Armagh and are well connected with major UK and European airports. Getting to Armagh from either of the Belfast airports will require a bus from the airport to Belfast city centre before travelling onwards to Armagh.

From Dublin Airport

All buses from Dublin Airport to Armagh/Newry depart from Coach Zone 11 outside Terminal 1 (see map below for directions to the bus stop). The Translink X4 service connects Dublin Airport directly to Armagh, with a journey time of about 90 minutes.

Dublin Airport Bus Stop Map

The departure times are indicated below. X4 bus tickets can be booked online up to a month in advance, the booking page can be found here. Pre-booked tickets can often be cheaper than tickets purchased from the driver on the day, but must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of travel. If you wish to purchase a ticket from the driver, both Euros and Pounds Sterling will be accepted.

Translink X4 Timetable, Dublin - Derry/Londonderry via Armagh X4 X4 X4 X4 X4
Dublin Airport Terminal 1, Coach Zone 11 06:05 11:20 15:35 18:20 23:20
Armagh Bus Station 07:30 12:45 17:00 19:45 00:40

It is also possible to take a bus from Dublin Airport to Newry (X5 service) and then take a taxi to Armagh. This service runs every hour at xx:50, arriving in Newry 70 minutes later. Note that this route is operated by both Translink and Bus Éireann buses.

If there is sufficient demand, a taxi-sharing service can be arranged to shuttle people from Newry to Armagh, more details will be provided in due course.

Northern Ireland Railways and Irish Rail jointly operate the Enterprise express service between Belfast and Dublin city centre, stopping at Portadown. Portadown Railway Station is ~10 miles from Armagh. The timetable can be found here. It is advisable to take a taxi from Portadown to Armagh as there are limited buses available.

From Belfast City Airport or Belfast International Airport

A bus service operates from both airports to Belfast Europa Bus Centre. The Translink 300 service from Belfast International Airport operates 24 hours a day and takes between 30 and 45 minutes to reach Belfast. The Translink 600 service from Belfast City Airport operates between 05:30 (07:30 on Sundays) and 21:45 and takes about 15 minutes. Both the 300 and 600 have a frequency of around 20-30 minutes during their hours of operation.

Translink Goldline services between Belfast Europa Buscentre and Armagh (250/251/270/271) take between 1 and 1.5 hours. Services typically operate between 07:00 and 20:00, although the frequency and operating hours of these services are reduced at weekends. Please consult the bus timetables on the Translink website, or use the Translink Journey Planner before travelling.

Alternatively, Northern Ireland Railways operate rail services between Belfast city centre and Portadown. Portadown Railway Station is ~10 miles from Armagh. It is advisable to take a taxi from Portadown to Armagh as there are limited buses available.

Returning to Dublin Airport

It is important to note that at night and on Sundays, X4 services to Dublin Airport depart from the 'Southern Regional College' bus stop across the road from the bus station. The location is indicated on the map below. A more frequent service operates between Newry and Dublin, so a taxi to Newry may be advisable if none of the X4 services are convenient for your departing flight.
Translink X4, Derry/Londonderry - Dublin via Armagh X4 X4 X4 X4
Armagh Buscentre ----- 07:55 (Monday - Saturday) 11:55 (Monday - Saturday) -----
Armagh, Southern Regional College Bus stop (see map) 02:20 07:55 (Sundays only) 11:55 (Sundays only) 19:35
Dublin Airport Terminal 2 03:55 09:35 13:35 21:15

Translink X1/X5, Newry - Dublin X1 X5 X5 X5 X1 X1 X1 X1 X1 X1 X1
Newry Buscentre 06:25 07:15 every hour at :15 18:15 19:40 20:40 22:55 00:55 01:55 03:55 05:40
Dublin Airport Terminal 2 07:30 08:25 every hour at :25 19:25 20:45 21:45 00:00 02:00 03:00 05:00 06:45


The map below indicates useful airports, bus and rail stations on the island of Ireland that are mentioned above. If you are having difficulties viewing this map, please contact us.

The form below is to allow you to provide us with your travel itinerary to assist in your travel to Armagh and to find out if you intend to attend the optional excursion on Saturday 15th September (at additional cost). If you are having difficulties viewing this form, please contact us.